Here is a demonstration of StableGraze on a test setting of 11 seconds for every feed. You will have the choice to set the feed intervals at 2,3,4 or 5 hours depending on your needs.

About StableGraze

In their natural environment horses graze over long periods of time to enable them to flee from danger at any time. As a result their digestive system is designed to continually process small amounts of feed.

Humans have domesticated horses for thousands of years removing them from their natural environment. Over this time horses’ digestive systems have not transformed and they remain suited to trickle-feeding.

We believe horses should be fed according to their natural feeding requirements and not be forced to adapt to unnatural human schedules. StableGraze is a revolutionary automated feeder that releases forage and hard feed over periods of time at pre-set time intervals, allowing the horse to eat regularly and naturally.

The unique design is made of three separate compartments each of which can be filled with up to 5kg of forage. The easy to use control panel allows the owner to set the time they wish each feed to be released giving complete control to ensure the horse is fed the right amount at the right time.


Filling and Programming

  • Ensure the trap doors are closed before filling.
  • Lift the flap on the top of the unit to reveal the three chambers. The lid can be held open by the two catches on the rear of your Stable Graze
  • Divide the feeding into the required amounts. Feeds will be released in sequence from the left chamber to the right. Be mindful that each section can hold up to 5kg of haylage so it isn’t generally necessary to fill each section to capacity.
  • Switch on the control panel by pressing the red ‘Power’ button.
  • Use the ‘Scroll’ button until the green light appears next to the time interval you require.
  • You can manually open each of the sections by pressing Chute 1,2,3 depending which you want to open.
  • Close and secure the flap using the fastenings.

The feed will be released at the set time intervals. When you next fill up your Stable Graze simply lift up the three trapdoors which are held closed by a magnet, if there’s any feed on the metal disc on the door give it a wipe.


  • Your Stable Graze battery will last approximately 8 weeks before needing to be charged.
  • When the battery is low you will see “LOW BATT” on the control panel illuminated. When this light is on the feeder will not work until the battery is charged.
  • Switch off the power then remove the battery and connect the red crocodile clip on the charger to the positive terminal and the black crocodile clip onto the negative terminal.
  • It will take 8 hours to charge the battery.
  • Once charged put the battery back and connect the red wire to the positive terminal marked + and the black wire to the negative terminal marked –