StableGraze will change the life of stabled horses by allowing them to feed as nature intended.

  • Grazing over a longer period of time encourages a constant flow of saliva which protects the gut from the build-up of a harmful acidic environment which can cause gastric ulcers.
  • The ability to be able to recreate the trickle-feeding nature of horses will prove invaluable to convalescing horses and ponies for example in cases of laminitis where maintaining consistent glucose and soluble carbohydrates levels is paramount.

  • StableGraze will diminish boredom caused by horses standing for long periods of time with no activity to occupy them. This boredom has been found to cause behavioural problems including crib-biting, weaving and wind-sucking.
  • As StableGraze releases feed from the base it works with the horses’ physiology which is designed to feed from the ground. Feeding from the ground is beneficial for respiratory, digestive, dental and back health.
  • Feeding in smaller amounts regularly will reduce wasted feed caused by damage by the horse.